2017 Forthcoming: Iasi-Czernowitz International Conference: Embracing Linguistic and Cultural Diversity through English, 12-14 October
2016 International Symposium C.S. Lewis and Kindred Spirits, 17-18 November
2016 International Conference Re-reading, re-writing, re-contextualising Shakespeare, 27-29 October
2015 First ENTICE International Conference -  Going East: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Travel and Intercultural Communication, 4-5 June
2014 The Second International Symposium devoted to the life and work of C.S. Lewis - Life and Legacy, 6-7 November
2013 International Symposium The Romantic Rationalist: Life, Joy & Imagination in the Work of C.S. Lewis, Iasi, 7-8 November
2013 International Interdisciplinary Conference Adaptation Unbounded: New Directions, New Agendas, Iasi, 31 October - 2 November
2011 International conference Wounded Bodies – Wounded Minds: Intersections of Memory and IdentityIasi, 6-10 April 
2010 National conference with international participants Inscriptions on the Body: Violence and Its Encodings in Literature and FilmIasi, 19-21 November
2009 National conference with international participants Expressions of the Self: Autobiography and Its Avatars, Iasi, 24-26 September
2009 Symposium 90 Years of Canadian-Romanian Diplomatic Relations, Iasi, 15 May
2007 International conference Shakespeare in Europe: Nation(s) and Boundaries, Iasi, 14-17 November, financed by ANCS (The National Agency for Scientific Research)

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