About the centre

LINGUACULTURE, Research Centre is affiliated to the Department of English, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, being founded and accredited by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS) in 2006. The members of the centre are mostly the teaching staff of the Department of English as well as some former and present PhD students. (list of members here)

The research centre LINGUACULTURE was born as a consequence of the shift in focus in the field of research towards cultural interaction, in the context of an obvious process of internationalization which coexists with the tendency to impose local or regional identities. Thus, in current research, emphasis falls on interdisciplinarity, thus integrating the sociological, ethnological, politological and pedagogical perspectives in the study of linguistic and cultural phenomena.

The activities of the LINGUACULTURE centre aim to reflect the cultural mechanisms through which humanities become an increasingly transnational, inter- and transdiciplinary field, its major research areas being:

Language dynamics

Dynamics of virtual communication through translation

Intercultural studies:

- Shakespeare as a cultural phenomenon

- Cultural hybridity in postmodernism

- Critical/ literary thinking

- The study of textual reception, translation and hermeneutics

Journal (ERIH PLUS)

Past events

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