EFFORT - Towards a European Framework for Translation (2020-2023)
Erasmus+ K2 Project coordinated by Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. Project website:
Local team coordinator: Rodica Dimitriu. Project members: Sorina Ciobanu, Oana Cogeanu-Haraga, Teodora Ghivirigă
East-North Travel and Intercultural Communication in Europe (ENTICE) (2015-2016)  
Cultural exchange project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Grants & Norway Grants and carried out by the Department of English at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi in partnership with Ostfold University College, Norway
Project coordinators: Rodica Dimitriu, Oana Cogeanu
Understanding Justice (2014-2015)
European Commission, Directorate-General Justice, JUST/2013/JCIV/AG/4000004684
Members: Teodora Ghivirigă, Oana Cogeanu
Building Mutual Trust (2009-2011)
A framework project for implementing EU common standards in legal interpreting and translating 
European Commission, Directorate-general Justice, Freedom, Security, GB506006786
Member: Teodora Ghivirigă
Developing Innovative eContent Localisation Training Opportunities for Trainers and Teachers in Professional Translation
Coordinator for Romania: Rodica Dimitriu
Collaborators: Rodica Albu and Teodora Ghivirigă
Developing Sharable and Customisable Resources for Vocational Training in Multimedia eContent Localisation
Coordinator for Romania: Rodica Dimitriu
Collaborators: Norbert Poruciuc and Oana Franțescu (Petrovici)
SSHRC Canada (2008-2010)
The Contribution of Literary Translation to Intercultural Understanding: Developing a Model for Reciprocal Exchange
Coordinator for Romania: Rodica Dimitriu
Collaborators: Ana Magdalena Petraru, Oana Surugiu and Mihaela Tamba (PhD students)
PNCDI II Project - ASISTSYS (2008 – 2010)
Integrated System of Assistance for Pacients with Severe Neuromotor Conditions
Project manager: Anca Cehan
Collaborators: Adrian Poruciuc, Alois Ghergut, Iolanda Tobolcea, Stefan Avadanei, Odette Blumenfeld, Oana Macari, and Oana Maria Petrovici
TOOL, TOOL 230285-2006-1-RO-LINGUA 2 (2006-2009)
Project manager: Ștefan Colibaba
ALL, ALL 229775-CP-1-2006-1-ES-Lingua-L2
Project manager: Ștefan Colibaba
GRUNDTVIG - FACE IT! (2006-2009)
Families and Active Citizenship Education – an Integrated Training, 30305-CP-1-2006-1-RO-GRUNDTVIG-G11
100,683 Euro buget for the Romanian partner
Member: Ștefan Colibaba (member of the coordinating team of the project and trainer in Ireland and France)
CEACS Diaspora Project (2008-2010)
Central Europe in Canada (I. Literary Anthology, II. Oral History)
Coordinator of the research team for Section II, Oral History: Rodica Albu (with participants from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Serbia and Hungary)

Journal (ERIH PLUS)

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