Centre for (Inter)cultural and (Inter)lingual Research

affiliated to the Department of English

“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi


Having as major field of research culture and its wide range of manifestations in language, literature, film, mass-media, religion, philosophy, science, or every-day life, the LINGUACULTURE research centre welcomes researchers of all age, nationality, ethnicity or religion, starting from the premise that diversity is the true source of spiritual and intellectual wealth and the generator of a proper environment for the existence of a genuine forum of discussion and the opening of new paths for cultural exploration. That is why the centre encourages and offers the academic framework for collaborations at national and international level between researchers from various relevant areas of knowledge, materialized as medium- or short-term visits by specialists in literary studies literary and critical theory, cultural studies, linguistics, translation studies, mass-media, film studies and cultural anthropology; research visits, teaching mobilities and conference participations by members of the centre to other universities; collaborations in research or editorial projects; national and international research projects.

The major objectives of the centre are:

Describing and interpreting the dynamics of linguistic and cultural phenomena determined by the relationship between the processes of European integration and globalization and those of affirmation of local and regional identities;

Moving the focus of research towards a cultural criticism based on authentic dialogue, and towards identifying the transcultural processes redefined in terms such as:interculturalism, cultural translation, hibridization, creolization and diaspora;

Highlighting the fundamental role of translation, interpretation and terminological standardization in the cultural-linguistic policies of the European Union;

Establishing a permanent research unit which would allow young researchers to participate in national and international projects, and thus ensure the continuity of research in the field of humanities.

The LINGUACULTURE centre is directly involved in the four MA programmes offered by the Department of English: American Studies, Translation and Terminology (with the French Department), Applied Linguistics – English Didactics, and English Language, Literature and Civilization, and in the programmes of the Doctoral School of Philological Studies.


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